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Beacon Gear Transmissions Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001-2015 ) is accredited as the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Crystallizer Drive, Planetary Gear Reducer, Planetary Winch Gear Reducer, Flange Mounted Planetary Gear Reducer, Mini Planetary Gear Reducer, Planetary Crystallizer Gear Reducer, Foot Mounted Planetary Gear Reducer, Planetary Geared Motor.

BEACON GEAR TRANSMISSIONS has designed Crystallizer Drive for miscellaneous Industrial Applications which are operated by Electric motor and Hydraulic Motor. BEACON GEAR TRANSMISSIONS is recognized for its Quality and implementation of the cutting-edge Technology in the Gear manufacturing industry. BEACON GEAR TRANSMISSIONS provides the customers with High Quality, Cost Effective Planetary Reduction Gear Reducer with wide range of power transmissions.

BEACON GEAR TRANSMISSIONS provides a broad range of Crystallizer Drive which are designed with high standard module, have high quality, are Cost effective and Energy efficient, have Low Noise, Long service life and Large Radial Loading capacity.

Beacon Planetary Gear Reducer are highly efficient, having high Shock Load Capacity, Reversible Drive, Torque Multiplication, Compact in Size, suitable for Continuous Cyclic Loads, Input and Output Rotation in same direction, Installation in any Position.

Beacon Gear Transmissions supply wide range of Crystallizer Drive, Planetary Sugar Crystallizer Reducer, Agitator Mounted Planetary Gear Reducer, Flange Mounted Planetary Gear Reducer, Bevel- Planetary Reducer, Custom Build Planetary Gear Reducer, Shaft Mounted Planetary Gear Reducer, Planetary Creep Reducer, Equivalent Planetary Gear Reducer to Imported Gear Reducer, Planetary Winch Gear Reducer, Planetary Geared Motor, Heavy duty Planetary Gear Reducer.

BEACON GEAR TRANSMISSIONS Planetary Gearboxes are significantly used in numerous industrial sectors like Material Handling Equipments, Cement Industry, Construction Industry, Mechanical Industry, Agricultural Industry, Sugar Industry, Food Industry, Power Industry, Mobile Cranes and Overhead Cranes, Chemical Industry, etc.

Beacon Planetary Gear Reducer are manufactured from superior quality raw material such as Alloy Steel EN8/EN9, EN19, EN24/42,EN36c, 16 MnCr5, CrMo4, SAE8620, MnCr/20, MnCr5/EN353, Cast Steel IS:1030, Gr2, IS : 2707 Gr2, Cast Iron CIGR 25/30, GGG40/50 OR SGI Case Carburised Steel and Hardened Steel. Beacon Crystallizer Drive undergoes AGMA, ISO, DIN, BS, IS Standards.